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DMS Workflows

  • Huge savings on cost
  • Transparency in business processes
  • Improvements to the invoice handling process
  • Process acceleration
  • Reduction in "Time to Market"
  • Increasing the economic feasibility
  • Increasing the competitiveness
  • Bring back knowledge into everyday business

12,000,000€ in 6 months

One of our clients hosted more than 3 million pages with us. Just 6 months after the project began, it became possible to register an income to the tune of tens of millions – thanks to Fiberworks Power Archive.

Especially in the case of international companies (with immense purchases), it is a common occurrence that the IT-systems in use are not thoroughly compatible with each other. As a result, the quotations, purchase orders and deliveries still continue to be filed as paper documents. If there is a need for clarifications in any of the process chains, e.g., in the case of reclamations, cartons of files are ferried across the world, in the hope that an employee somewhere might succeed in putting together the desired documents. Often, this effort fails and the bills usually lie around, unpaid. And even if the staff were to be successful, the costs for the company would be enormous (delay in payments, etc.).

Fiberworks Power Archive – The simple solution to a complex problem

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Workflow solutions which simplify and expedite easy tasks such as invoicing, as well as complex areas such as approval procedures and global project tracking.

  • The Fiberworks Workflow module has a graphic user interface (GUI) and makes it possible to create new workflows and tailor existing ones, easily.
  • From simple checking of invoices to more complex approval procedures, or global project tracking, almost all kinds of tasks can be mapped easily.
  • Fiberworks DMS Workflow solutions offer a high savings potential. Thus, for instance, an automated invoice checking mechanism has a savings potential of at least 5€ per invoice, according to ComputerWoche (13.12.2005).
  • The initial costs of investment for a DMS consisting of the Power Archive, workflow with invoice checking automation can all be covered by the savings in the invoice checking process alone.

DMS Workflow with the help of invoice checking

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