Unified Communications 

Unified Communications
fiberworks Unified Communications
Powerful - Flexible – At Optimal Cost

Licence free Phone Systems

FPhone is a complete Solutons including Hardware Software and Service in one package


  • FPhone Call Router (Switchboard)
  • fiberworks Callrouter, Middleware and GUI
  • Optimized for Yealink, snom and Aastra IP based phone-devices
  • Remote SLA - starting at 12,90€ per month

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  • Are you Still losing Clients

    because of a Limited Communication Solution ?


    With FPhone Contact-Center

    You will certainly not lose any Clients

  • Thereby FPhone provides customer satisfaction

    from the first point of contact



 Hybrid PABX systems                                         
  • Leading Technology
  • License Cost Free
  • Flexible thanks to our unique Call Router 
  • Highly scalable (50-10,000 Proxpl) 
  • Telephony, Video Conferencing and Fax
  • Call-Center and Sales and Support optimized 
  • Any devices used 
  • (IP, ISDN, Analog, DECT, WLAN, SoftPhones, Tablets, SmartPhones)
  • Safe investment and no aging. 
(*in the classical sense*)




CTI & Real Time Services

  • CTI
    (Select, acceptance, Forward, Reject, select Browser + Outlook) 
  • Chat
  • File- & Document Sharing
  • Availablity / Availability display with message 
  • Datev Integration
  • Phone book (local, Outlook, Datev, LDAP, RTS) 
  • Setting up an extension (mailbox, conference, redirects, escalation, dual call, MultiCall, BLF keys) 
  • SMS
  • Web-Conferencing
  • Desktop-Sharing
  • Application-Sharing
  • IP-BroadCast / TV 




 smart2Home Controls & Automation

  • Video Monitoring and Recording 
  • Access Control 
  • (Door Intercom, Door Opener, RFID cards u.v.m.) 
  • Home and Building Automation 
    (TK-controlled sensors, and sensors for switches) 
  • Smart Alarm
    (Fire, water, heating, access, among others)












































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