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  • Intuitive to use Web-Interface as replacement of the Miner-Web-GUI
  • Any Miner farm size over multiple locations
  • Operates fully automated - controls Fan Speed, Frequency, Hashrate, Temperature, Pools, Alerts and E-Mail Reports
  • Bulk Edit of Miner, Pool, Frequency
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Available as Software Image or Appliance Hardware



Centralized Management

XMINER is a Software-Solution for a centralized management and monitor of ASCIS and GPU Miners.

Our Enterprise-Approach avoids any limitation in availability and scalability as well know from Windows Operation Systems. XMINER is based on robust heavily proven Linux technology.




XMINER is able to automatic change the frequency of the miner to maximize the hash-rate at best operation temperature. If the miner temperature is rising XMINER reduces the operation frequency of the miner until a save temperature is reached. This feature is also very useful in non-AC environments and all setups with changing AIR-Temperatures and avoiding the Miner to overheat or even get damaged.

XMINER can also terminate the maximum save hash-rate. Most ASIC Miners have a tolerance of around 10% in with the Miner can be operated safely. XMINER is able to calculate this optimized Operation-Frequency* and run the miner on this target frequency if temperature values are supportive.

XXXX Error. Some miners are loosing hash-value if internet-connection is weak or unstable and showing the ASICs are faulty. XMINER automatically detect this error and reloads the miner to fix this error and continue mining.

*The use of this feature is on own risk and needs cgminer api access.


Bulk Edit

Change Frequency, Fan speed, Pools, switch between Pools on hundreds of miners in just one click with our Bulk Edit feature.


Manage Pools

Change and switch between pools easily. All Miner functions including the Pools can be now centralized controled by XMINER. Just one click can switch a pool and this can be done with hunderds of Miners at the same time. Bulk Edit function is available on XMINER V1.0a.


SSH Management

Use XMINER to setup API access and configure default pools for all your Bitmain Antminer ASIC's in a single operation. Use advance features such as fan speed control, frequency control, reload miner and reboot hardware and setup automatic reboot.



XMINER Version 1.1 Released

XMINER Version 1.1 is now available for free download

New functions in XMINER Version 1.1

  • Bulk-Edit
  • Change / switch pools in bulk
  • Mobile Optimized View


XMINER Version 1.0

XMINER Version 1.0 comes with a limited function-set for a field test of the base functionality. We are happy to receive your feedback and ideas for improvements (xminer (at) fiberworks.com).

Base functions includes:

  • Bitmain Miner Support
  • Bulk-Edit
  • Change / switch pools in bulk
  • Operates Fully Automated
  • Controls Fan Speed
  • Controls Hash Rate
  • Contols Frequncy & Temperature
  • Edit and Switch Between Pools
  • Web Based User Interface 
  • Mobile Optimised View
  • Available only as VMWare Image

We are planing new releases on a monthy base.


New functions in XMINER Version 1.2 (07-2018)

  • Backup, Restore and Update
  • Miner Discovery
  • Reatime Pool Data
  • Available as VMWare-Image or Hardware-Applicance


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