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Reduce your costs by up to 70%

Digital processing of invoices is inexpensive, and can cover the initial procurement costs and can reduce your invoice processing costs by up to 70%, in a very short time.

Automation mechanism for medium sized companies

The Fiberworks Invoice Checker is an automated invoice processing and workflow solution, tailored especially to suit the requirements of medium sized companies. The digital processing brings in transparency and saves an enormous amount of time in the processing of your invoices.

Processing invoices by the click of a button

All purchase orders, invoices, delivery bills, etc. can be viewed in a matter of seconds. Due dates can be tagged with a "Reminder". Requests for checking the invoices and releasing them to the technical departments can be sent by e-mail. With the mere click of a button, it is possible to see which invoices are currently being processed.

Uncomplicated installation and integration

Our solution is characterised by an intuitive usage and quick and flexible integration into your business model. Fiberworks DMS Workflows can be integrated into your company within the shortest of times. Seamless integration with existing ERP systems is also possible, and is recommended.

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