Power VPN 

Unified Communications
Connection for external service providers and employees
Secure | Certificate-based | Easier installer | Quick - Easy - Inexpensive
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Power VPN - Hosted

Starting from 3,30 € per month

Surf securely, and without barriers. Full unlimited Internet access from everywhere.

Connection for external service providers and employees

Fiberworks Power VPN offers secure connection for external partners and colleagues who are not employees of the company – a feature that is unique in the sector, and even if there are proxies and firewalls in place. Access to the VPN facility is possible even through mobile end devices, through UMTS or GPRS. And dynamic IP-addresses pose absolutely no problem here.

Unlimited - Secure - High Performance
Very Stable -  Everywhere Useable - No Licence Costs

Data is firewalled from the Internet

  • Secure, unlimited and quick Internet access from everywhere
  • Corporate connectivity even for consultants and external staff, even across proxies and firewalls
  • Unlimited, secure usage of all services, such as file shares, databases, VOIP, banking, POP etc.
  • Certificate based, simple installer, support for Vista & Windows 7 incl. 64 Bit versions.
  • Fast, uncomplicated, cost effective

Trust-based data administration

Fiberworks provides a fast and uncomplicated, encrypted 2-GBit-access to its DMZ, which can penetrate through all firewalls and proxies. Fiberworks practically acts as the "IT/EDP-Security-Trustee" and enables different people and companies to work together as if they were all sitting under one roof.

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