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Virtual Meetings dissolve barriers
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X4 Meet Web & Video-Conferencing

X4 Meet is a meeting bridge that allows professional instant meetings in best quality without software installation.

X4 Meet is highly secure Zoom alternative

X4 Meet is available as a Cloud solution, PaaS or as a highly scalable on-premise video bridge. 

Travel expenses lesser by 75%

By using the Fiberworks web conferencing facility, travel expenses can be reduced by up to 75%

Good for the environment, and even better for your pocket

  • According to recent studies, staff spend between 30 to 40% of their time on an average on travel and travel related activities due to meetings
  • For the management, these figures are as high as 70 to 90%
  • An international project team in one of our client companies, consisting of 10 members, was able to save 46,000 € in travel costs, after just 4 web meetings!

Virtual meetings dissolve barriers

A key component of the Fiberworks Collaboration is the live video component called web-conferencing, which enables you to hold web conferences with a hitherto unprecedented, unheard of quality and high resolution (TV-quality/640x480, 30 frames/second), and gives the conference participants the feeling of being practically face to face.

Meets the highest technical and security related requirements

  • Network load largely reduced through the use of leading Codecs in the market (starting from about 20kbit/s per session)
  • UMTS-ready (the mobile office is finally becoming a reality)
  • Encryption (voice and data) through certificate based encryption (1024 Bit)
  • Enterprise Server solution (not peer to peer)
  • available in 16 languages, design as per individual Corporate Identity guidelines

Increase productivity - reduce costs – make an active contribution to environment protection


  • Hold conferences across the world from any standard PC with Internet connection
  • Create and work on common documents in a team, without moving from your location
  • Share documents, programs and desktops
  • Simple, intuitive operation using the browser, without any complicated set up
  • Complete integration with Outlook: simply enter a conference in the calendar and send out invitations to the participants
  • Ideal even for product development, product presentations and announcements, and for training and advanced training
  • Extraordinary quality of video and application presentations
  • Supports USB web cameras and video cameras
  • Excellent audio quality

Application Sharing

  • High resolution image quality also enables "sharing" of CAD applications.
  • All kinds of Windows applications (Office, MediaPlayer etc.) are supported
  • Whiteboard can be used in all applications. In this way, remarks can be added in every application
  • Remote Control for every application. If desired, a program can be controlled remotely by any one participant in the conference. The program need not reside on the local machine for this to be possible. In this way, for instance, the CAD application of a development team that is located far away can be controlled and operated remotely for presentation purposes, to achieve an optimal 3D view.

Desktop Sharing

  • You can hand over control over your Desktop to other participants
  • Ideal also for Helpdesk applications and for training and advanced training
  • Works even across firewalls and proxies

  • Any participant can allow remote control of his or her desktop
  • Perfect for all kinds of Helpdesk applications, training, and advanced training
  • Needs just an Internet connection, and works reliably even across firewalls
Video-conferencing - Application Sharing - Desktop Sharing - Chat – White-Board
Full functionality web-conferencing includes the following:
Transmission of speech (by Voice over IP) with excellent sound quality
Application Sharing (e.g. MS Office, MediaPlayer, CAM/CAD, etc.)
Various demonstration and presentation modes
Text chat (e.g. between selected participants in the conference)
Advanced Whiteboard with a large number of options for making textual comments and graphic markings
Desktop Sharing
Complete freedom and easy access for allocating permissions, even during live conferences
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