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Location Networking through the fiberworks SNet Technology
Location Networking | Client VPN

VPN for secure data transfers

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables secure transfer of data via the Internet, by protecting the data from malicious or hazardous influencing from the Internet. The participants in a VPN (e.g. various locations of a company) can exchange data like they would do in an internal LAN, without being directly connected to each other. This is done using the Internet.

SecureNet Firwalls & SSL Gateways

20Mbit/s up to 1 Gbit/s

3x 10/100 up to 16x 10/100/1000

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Location Networking package price:

2x SecureNet SMB
2x VPN Module
5x Connect SSL VPN Client

inclusive remote installation package
complete, ready to use

Dial in from anywhere, using the Gateway

With the Fiberworks SecureNet Firewall & VPN, the connection is encrypted using the public network, and secured through the firewall (hardware). FiberSECURITY contains gateway functionalities which enable secure dial-in from any workplace with Internet access (including DSL, without fixed IP, UTMS, GPRS and GSM).

Location Networking through the Fiberworks SecureNet Technology

  • Link up all your business offices through the Internet and use the existing resources from anywhere
  • You can even link up you telephone installation*
  • No license costs
  • Very cost effective - standard setups at fixed prices
  • Secure – high performance - reliable

With the Fiberworks SecureNet Technology, it is now possible to connect networks in a highly professional and reliable manner, quickly and without fuss.

Fiberworks offers Enterprise Technology at "Small Business" budgets: that is, through high scalability of the product, small setups are available at very convenient fixed prices. In this way, even small offices, such as tax consultancies and advocates can benefit optimally from these technologies.

Yet, our SMB solution has almost the same functionalities as our Enterprise solutions, which are already being used by banks with sometimes more than 400 simultaneous VPNs.

The Virtual Private Network module enables the following functionalities:

1. Location Networking:
Link all your business offices through the Internet and use existing resources from just about everywhere. Appropriate VPNs are set up in fixed manner from firewall to firewall, and are available 24 hours a day. Users can now access network resources for which they have permissions from all desired locations, as if they had were present locally.
2. Client VPN
The VPN Client enables secure, stable and worldwide dial-in facility to the corporate networks for Windows, Unix and MacOS-X computers and notebooks. The Fiberworks Connect Client employs a special technology for this, which uses a transfer network to map almost any kind of permissions structure for access. A Management Console is also available optionally with this. This console can be used for central administration of all the accesses, locations and permissions. All certificates are run-time associated, and can be limited especially for the type of access (HTTP, HTTPS), the permissions desired, location and the maximum bandwidth.

Spring offer for your budget

The Location Networking from Fiberworks offers Enterprise functionalities at a price that is many times cheaper, especially through the savings potentials on the hardware, licensing and service costs. Even expensive dedicated lines, which easily cost several thousand Euros a month, will not be necessary.

Additional expert-knowledge becomes superfluous through "Out-of-the-Box" functionalities. Procurement and operations should now fit into any IT budget.

Fiberworks SecureNet is available in various licence versions, for up to 10,000 employees.

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