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SecureNet advanced Firewall and VPN Technology

  • Use your computer, (mail)-server, applications, file shares, printers, fax, telephones and conference systems across the world, from any location with Internet connectivity (including GSM).
  • Link up and network your offices via Internet (Location Networking)
  • Enterprise security and functionalities for "SMALL BUSINESS" budgets

Effective Location Networking and good protection for corporate data are IT topics which are growing steadily in importance. Enterprise solutions are mostly inflexible, and are associated with huge technical and administrative costs. Besides the high initial procurement costs, this also gives rise to additional high operational costs.

4 in 1 solution: Firewall, Virtual Private Networking, Bandwidth Management and Spam Filter

Fiberworks offers a scalable firewall and VPN solution, especially to meet the needs of SMB and commercial clients. Fiberworks SecureNet provides enterprise functionalities at a price several times cheaper.

The advantages:

  • Enterprise security, stability and functionality
  • No license costs
  • Location Networking with the help of the VPN module
  • Can be installed and ready for use within days

Additional expert-knowledge becomes superfluous through "Out-of-the-Box" functionalities. Procurement and operations should now fit into any IT budget.


All equipment offer enterprise firewall functionalities and can be optional fitted out with the following:

  • Anti-spam filter
  • High performance VPN module
  • SecureNet Management Console

With the help of SecureNet VPN, the devices also provide gateway functionalities. These allow secure dial-in from an1y desired workplace with Internet access (inclusive of DSL without fixed IP, UTMS, GPRS and GSM).

Ideally, Fiberworks SecureNet can be combined with web-conferencing and VOIP telephony.

If desired, Fiberworks VPN also allows worldwide access to any desired file shares or/and application servers from your network. The savings potential in terms of hardware costs, licenses and service costs through the use of Location Networking with Fiberworks SecureNet are simply enormous.

All the three solutions can be used in clusters and support the "Fiberworks Connect" VPN and the Fiberworks anti-spam solutions. FW SecureNet Enterprise is also available as a high availability solution with up to 4 cluster nodes.

Fiberworks SecureNet VPN module

The Virtual Private Network module adds the following functionalities to your firewall:

1. Location Networking:
Link up all your business centres through Internet, and make use of existing resources from anywhere you like. Appropriate VPNs are set up in fixed manner from firewall to firewall and will be available 24 hours. Users can now access network resources for which they have permissions from all desired locations, as if they had were present locally. Our firewall computes certificates with the help of hardware, and offer up to 8000 bit encryption.

Client VPN
The VPN Client enables secure, stable and worldwide dial-in facility to the corporate networks for Windows, Unix and MacOS-X computers and notebooks. The Fiberworks Connect Client employs a special technology for this, which uses a transfer network to map almost any kind of permissions structure for access. A Management Console is also available optionally with this. This console can be used for central administration of all the accesses, locations and permissions. All certificates are run-time associated, and can be limited especially for the type of access (HTTP, HTTPS), the permissions desired, location and the maximum bandwidth.


Features SecureNet VPN module:

  • Secure and stable VPN connections
  • Perfect also for home offices and mobile users
  • Certificate (x.509) based VPN connections (up to 8000 bit)
  • Supports https and proxy
  • Supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Linux, MacOS X
  • Full functionality, with any kind of Internet connection, including: UMTS, GPRS, GSM and satellite networks
  • Dependable and cost effective
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