FPhone CS100 


FPhone CS200


FPhone® CS200

Commerical Buisness Solution

(Recommended for 200 Users)

FPhone SMB100


FPhone® SMB100

Small Medium Buisness Solution

(Recommended up to 100 Users)


FPhone® SB50

FPhone SB50  - Embedded Small Business Solution


  • Asterisk Core
  • New Multilanguage GUI
  • Optimized for snom and Yealink IP-based devices
  • Moduls: E1, ISDN, Analog, GSM, WLAN + DECT

SmartPhone als Nebenstelle

Smartphone as Extention

The increasingly powerful smartphones works already well as full-fledged PBX-devices. With a good wireless connection it can replace standard DECT handsets.



With the top smartphones Video and Web Conferencing is possible as well. The Fiberworks FPhone SB50 supports standard video telephony.


fiberworks IP-PBX CS100

FPhone® CS100 Commercial-Business Solution


The FPhone CS-Series has been specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial business applications. So this series scaled from 100 up to 1000 concurrent calls, that might be sufficient for installations up to 10,000 devices.

Besides the high scalability particular emphasis on reliability and ease of integration into existing business applications has been set. 

The Fiberworks FPhone approach is the usage of two independent systems.  The Asterisk™ core (1.8 x) runs as native system.
Asterisk is the world's leading software based telephony project. Contrary to other Asterisk implementations, that uses a GUI on top of the Asterisk Core, that might have negative influence in performance as well in stability.

Therefore Fiberworks has developed its own middleware, which corresponds to a separate SQL-based application. Both systems run irrespectively of each other, and the advantages of each system could be so combined. The result is a maximum of performance and stability in combination with an easy to use SQL based GUI (admin + user) with an optimum on flexibility in terms of any kind of business integration.

The CS series was optimized on snom, Aastra and Yealink devices.

These devices can be automatic complete provisioned. We support LDAP, ADS and Exchange phone books. It is also possible to control all forwards and pickup groups central from the phone system. Every forward is done on the phone system, not by the phone device. FPhone also supports centralized Backups and Restores of all local setting of every single phone device. Particularly for large installations, this comprehensive package of functions reduces the administration effort to a minimum. 
This suggests a bridge between traditional telephony and IP-telephony. In traditional telephony the intelligence is on the phone-system while IP-telephony uses intelligent devices. Fiberworks combines the advantages of both approaches.

Analog, Modem and Fax
Fiberworks also offers fully functional modem and fax ports. The SIP-protocol is not supporting an error free modem and fax transmissing. Consequently fiberworks provides a special solution for this type of devices that ensures proven reliability and trouble-free operation. This hardware-based solution coupled directly an analog port to E1/SO. All our media gateways are available in various port sizes and can be installed at any place with a proper IP connection.

As a hybrid PBX-system the following connections are supported:

  • 1 - E1 / PMX (or 1x T1)
  • 1 - 4x S0 / ISDN
  • 1 - 48x Analoge Ports
  • 1 - 12x GSM
  • 1 - 16x Modem Ports (33.300 Baud)
  • 1- 16x Fax Port


CTI/UC Solutions

fiberworks offers CTI and Real Time Services as fully integrated PBX serices.
The server components  



Our HA solutions (FPhone ES product line) is providing server redundancy (active-active) as well as redundancy for all media gateways including an automatic switchover for all outgoing E1 and S0 ports. In addition, it is possible to operate the admin and user interfaces including the database on separate server hardware. This is especially recommended for the centralized management of many sites.

All FPhone CS systems are offered as a functional ready-made and proven package of hardware, software and service.



Beispiel: CS - Mediagateways


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