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Fiberworks Int. AG
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Copyright, trademark and related rights:

Copyright Fiberworks Intl. AG. All rights reserved. The contents (texts, images, graphics, files, graphic designs, arrangements, etc.) of this Internet offering are protected by copyright and other patent rights. They should not be used, replicated, passed on, transferred, reused, handed over, saved, modified, propagated or made available to third parties outside the legal limits and in cases other than those allowed as per the copyright, in any form whatsoever, and without the prior written consent of Fiberworks. This Internet offering could contain elements that are copyright protected or protected through other laws, falling under the copyright of third parties and which are copyright protected accordingly for these third parties.

Contents of the Internet offering:

The contents of this Internet offer have been put together meticulously and are subject to constant extension and updating accordingly. Apart from this, no guarantee is undertaken for the correctness, completeness, and up to date nature. Fiberworks makes these contents available this information without any guarantee whatsoever or other, explicit, or implicit acceptance of liability for the contents. All liabilities for damages that may ensue directly or indirectly from the use of this web site and its contents are ruled out, unless they have been caused by the author through malicious intent or gross negligence.

Links and references:

This Internet offer could contain links and references to third party Internet proposals, run by third parties and which thereby fall outside the purview of Fiberworks. Fiberworks Intl. AG explicitly declares that no illegal contents were recognisable at the time of linking, and distances itself explicitly from the contents of the linked pages and does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for the contents of these other Internet offers.

Data protection:

Fiberworks pursues the protection of your personal data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail-address) with due consideration for the applicable laws. If this Internet offer contains any options for disclosing personal data, this will be done with the explicit consent, on a voluntary basis. There will be no transferring of personal data.

Legality of this liability disclaimer:

This exclusion of liability is to be viewed as a part of the Internet offer. If parts or individual formulations in this text are not in accordance with the applicable legal position, are no longer legally valid or entirely in accordance with the law, the remaining parts of the document shall remain unaffected in their content and validity.


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